A ISPM15 approved method. Since 2015 is heat treatment (HT) the only treatment that can be used for common application. Because of the globalization and increase of international trade flow has led to non-autochtonous animal and plant material being distributed around the world, the organisms in wood can be parasitic. These parasites can lead to diseases in plants and plant products. With the use of the ISPM15 regulations we prevent the spread of non-autochthonous parasites.

ispm15 heat treatment
ispm15 heat treatment


First (expansive) choice in protection

One of the primary requirements of ISPM 15 is the heat treatment of wood packaging materials, such as pallets, crates, and dunnage, to ensure that any potential pests or pathogens present in the wood are killed. This treatment is often referred to as “ISPM 15 heat treatment” or “heat treatment for ISPM 15 compliance.”

The specific heat treatment requirements outlined by ISPM 15 include:

Temperature: The wood must be heated to a minimum core temperature of 56°C (132.8°F) for at least 30 minutes. This temperature and duration are sufficient to eliminate most pests and diseases that could be present in the wood.

Certification: After heat treatment, the wood packaging materials must be properly marked with an approved and recognizable stamp or mark that indicates compliance with ISPM 15 standards. This marking certifies that the wood has undergone the required treatment.

Regulations: ISPM 15 is recognized internationally and is implemented by many countries to regulate the movement of wood packaging materials across borders. Any wood packaging materials that do not comply with ISPM 15 requirements could be subject to quarantine or other regulatory measures upon entering a new country.

If you’re involved in international trade and deal with wood packaging materials, it’s essential to ensure that your materials comply with ISPM 15 standards to avoid potential delays and issues at customs. Keep in mind that regulations and requirements can evolve, so it’s a good practice to stay updated with the latest guidelines from your country’s plant protection agency or relevant international organizations.


heat treatment is not always necessary...


A direct solution, for immidiate exportation

Presswood pallets are made of the ‘patented material’. For the INKA Presswood pallets, dried wood chips are compression-moulded under pressure and heat. They can be used as a space-saving substitution for wooden pallets and they are extremely suitable for use as export pallets, as they are not covered by the regulations for solid wood. Presswood pallets are regarded as “processed wood” as defined by ISPM15/NIMF15, which is why they constitute the perfect single-trip pallets for problem-free export to all countries worldwide!

Save at least 50% storage space and a lot of transport costs.
The Presswood export pallets are also favourably priced.

  • Wood fiber export pallet
  • Do not need IPPC markings for exportation
  • Do not need costly heat treatment or fumigation with Methyl bromide
  • Do not need a phytosanitary certificate
  • Also exist in pallet formats suitable for ISO containers
  • Save at least 50% storage space
  • Nestable stacking
  • PEFC + FSC Certified
  • Environmentally friendly 100% recycled material
  • ISPM15 proof
  • Opening for entry
  • Anti slip
  • Low own moisture
  • Constant shape
  • Excellent manipulable


Remember, the customer could be you

But there are more ISPM15 exemptions. Euroblock-pallet blocks are manufactured according to stringent quality criteria and the production process is monitored by SGS Gottfeld NDT Services GmbH. As a result of their superior product and application features, Euroblock-pallet blocks are approved by EPAL, UIC, major rental pools and many big end users.

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ispm15 mondipal plastic pallet


Where wood isn’t an option, plastic work one’s way through

Introducing Mondipal’s latest addition to its range of euro-size export pallets: the MON-CD1208. Designed with the pharmaceutical and meat & poultry sectors in mind, its closed surface makes it quick & easy to clean, making it perfect for when hygiene is paramount. The MON-CD1208  is also both lightweight and durable so suitable for economical multi-trip use; but still has a price tag that even single trip users will find attractive. It is sure to be a very popular pallet for closed loops and exports alike!

logo mondipal plastic pallet ispm15
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